About Me


a dreamer and a daughter of the Most High

Ellie is  my name I love the meaning behind it. To be a shining light and that’s what I want to be. Love all things bright and positive. Nothing speaks to me more than words and smiles.

1922 miles away;

Born in the land of Taiwan, shaped like a sweet potato which I absolutely do not adore 😉 But I love the mountains and the oceans surrounding this piece of land. My family stays near the sea and my favourite childhood memory is having my grandparents spend time with me by the sea, watching people and carrying rocks from place to place until the tide comes and we’ll head down the shore to let the water wash our feet. My grandpa was a fisherman and I think it’s no coincidence that Jesus said in Matthew 4:19 “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men” this is my purpose. 



here in the land of Singapore;

This is a special place in my heart too, where Jesus met me, right where I was. Here, I made the loveliest and most wonderful kind of friends who embraced my brokenness and gave me a glimpse of the Father’s love. At the age of 10, He asked “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength” and I said Yes.

To me, He’s everything that I need. In Jesus Christ, I found joy unspeakable, love unstoppable and peace unshakable. My life could have been a wreck and I could have been someone else, but again, He picked me up and gently pieced together my brokenness. I remember the many times in the dead of night when words cut me,my heart wrenching and weeping , the promises of “I’ll still love you, beyond what words can say. I’ll take your every suffering moment and bring a better day” brought me through.


I’m learning forgiveness and I’m learning love. Love is always an intentional choice. I try to stop striving so hard and let life come as it is. I’m learning the art of prayer that’ll carry me through the thick and thin of life.

He has placed in me a heart to listen to stories and to create for Him, be it in the form of broken guitar playing, simple poems, words strung together. 

and now in this little space;

I hope that these thoughts will inspire and encourage.  Still in this journey of running towards the One who has pursued me and given His all. I pray only to do the same, to give my all.

May you be encouraged too, to pick up your pen and start documenting your life down, to remind yourself of the good and the bad times, the times that you’ve failed and felt completely broken and the times that you emerged stronger. That would be beautiful :’)

“Being a woman does not make me a different Christian, being a Christian makes me a different woman”

Elisabeth Elliot


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