amazing grace

Last Friday I began preparing for my lesson on Monday about migration in the 19th century. Was reading up on the main events that laid the foundation for mass migration: namely the opening of the Suez Canal, the Industrial Revolution and the abolition of the slave trade. This led to the video of William Wilberforce and I went to google william Wilberforce up. He was an English politician, philanthropist and a fine young man. Came across the trailer of Amazing Grace, a movie about the life of Wilberforce. And here are just some of my favourite lines and dialogues from the movie.

In a conversation with his servant,

William: Dear God I know this is utterly absurd but I feel like I have to meet You in secret.

I know that lying down on wet grass is not a normal thing to do…

It’s God I have 10 000 engages of state today, but I would prefer to spend the day out here getting with a wet ass, studying dandelions and marvelling at spider webs.

Servant: You found God sir?

William: I think He found me. I have a political career ahead of me but in my heart I want spider’s web

And I wonder to myself, when was the last time I properly rested? The last time I could marvel at something with no distractions, just me, creation and my creator. Can’t wait for a proper rest time!

A statement made by Wilberforce’s friend when convincing him to join politics

We’re too young to realise that certain things are impossible, so we’ll do them anyway!

The group of abolitionists encouraging Wilberforce to be politically active.

Having problems to do the work of God or do the work of a political activist, we humbly suggest you can do both

Surely the principles of christianity leads to action as well as meditation

William Wilberforce sought out John Newton (former slave ship captain who wrote Amazing Grace)

John: When you were a child, you used to ask god for advice

William:Then I grew up and grew foolish

J :And now?

W: Now, slowly my faith is returning

J: How slowly?

W: No bolts of lightning

J: God sometimes does his work with gentle drizzles, not storms. Drip drip drip

W: My friend, William Pitt declared interest in me [to join politics]. He’s offering me a place in the world.

N: Just make sure you’re in the world, not of the world

J: There’ll be no escape from power once I’m in it. Ill have to see things through

So much truth in all that were said above! Through history, I see the hand of God :’) was also happy to be able to portray the present sufferings in class today, showing the connections and trend between the past and the present. The same factors that led to migration and much misery due to poverty, starvation and instability arising from war, also plays a part in today’s refugee crisis.



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