The bad news is the tension ends with the last heartbeat. Tension is where we live, the struggle is a part of this world. I dare you to make a melody with the tension, to dance upon this strings of life, to continue to practice and engage in the struggle. Be brave your melody is worth it. Be strong, your melody is needed. I dare you to live out the purpose, for which you were born, that your melody would soar above the past, above the pain, above the dissonance. That the song you were born to sing, would come into life. The composer of time and space have given you a part in this great symphony. This is your moment. This is your opus. This is your life. I dare you to move.


Thank you Mr Jon Foreman for writing and stringing words and thoughts together so so beautifully.  Just saying, I really legit will name my son Jonathan, God-willing. All my dinner guest list are filled with Jonathans. It’s a good name. Yahweh has given. HAHAHA that’s besides the point.

We are the living souls
With terminal hearts, terminal parts
Flickering like candles
Fatally flawed, Fatally flawed

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust
For our days here are like grass
We flourish like a flower of the field
The wind blows and it is gone
And its place remembers it no more
Naked we came from our mother’s womb
And naked we will depart
For we bring nothing into the world
And we cant take nothing away

Terminal – Jon Foreman

A reminder to live each day well and fight through the struggles, fight through the monotony of life. Sometimes I wake up and in the words of John Piper, I feel the devil sitting on my face already. But no more, not for today, not for now.


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